Crossing the Bridge prides itself in its versatility. As well as student recruitment, Crossing the Bridge offers many services across a wide range of industries.
Education Services

Student Recruitment

Studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime, which is why at Crossing the Bridge we are committed to ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey to our students. We offer students several services
Free consultation
Taking the decision to study abroad is not easy. We offer students a free consultation where our team will answer all their questions and provide them with sufficient information.
Advice on available courses
Our team will be able to advise students on the available courses as well as potential career paths in order to help students decide on their preferred course.
Advice on requirements
Each university and each course have their own set of requirements. Our team will be able to guide students and advise them on the requirements that they must meet in order to be accepted on to the course.
University application process
Our team will complete the application form for the chosen course to study. The student will be required to send all documents on the list that will be provided to them.
Advice on accommodation
Based on budgets, location and how many people will be residing with the student, our team are able to provide advice on which type of accommodation is most convenient.
Advice on Visa
For an additional cost, a member of the team can guide the student through the visa application.
Crossing The Bridge

What We Offer

As well as working with students, Crossing the Bridge offers multiple services to universities in the United Kingdom, Gulf and MENA region. Currently, the company has over a dozen projects in developing educational programs in the Middle East. Other services offered to universities include:
Student Recruitment
Crossing the Bridge is an official agent to multiple universities in the United Kingdom for recruiting students from the Middle East.
Facilitate International Partnerships
Crossing the Bridge has a strong portfolio in facilitating international partnerships between universities in the Gulf and MENA region and the United Kingdom. There are several methods of collaborations available.
Updating Curriculums in the Middle East
Crossing the Bridge has experience in facilitating collaboration between universities in the Middle East and the United Kingdom in order to update and modernise curriculums in the Middle East universities.
Training and Quality Assurance
Crossing the Bridge provides the best training and quality programs in cooperation with British and Irish Universities.
Educational Technology Programs
In partnership with several universities in the United Kingdom, Crossing the Bridge is able to provide and consult on the latest educational technology programs.
Interpret and Advise
Our team is multicultural and speak several languages and will be able to interpret from several languages to English and vice versa as well as offer advise on different cultures.
Crossing The Bridge

and Investments

Crossing the Bridge has over a decade of experience in guiding businessmen and investors through the process of joint investment opportunities between the UK and MENA region. Some of the fields covered to date include:

Importing and exporting

Finding investment opportunities


Industry and trade

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